Monday, March 28, 2011

My Friday night cut out... Friday night sew-in was more like a Friday night "cut out," but I was thrilled anyway. I didn't get any sewing done on Friday night. Instead, I was able to cut out McCall's 5752...finally. There were a few hurdles to overcome. The first was in my own head. I'm not a fan of sewing knits...never have been. However, I love the feel and look of a well-sewn knit. I love the pattern and thought even I could pull it off. I have been stockpiling fabrics for my long overdue "12-Dress Project." My goal is to make 12 dresses by the year's end. I haven't made a dress in over 10 years. I love suitings, slacks, and skirts--the hand of the fabrics is weightier andfabulous. The "12-Dress Project" is my attempt to overcome anxiety about slinkier fabrics and dresses in general. The second hurdle was the infamous "FBA." You know I hate it, but I grow more confident with each project. This time, Palmer/Plestch made it a little easier to stomach. This McCalls pattern had the marking for the alteration included. Overall, the project came together well. I will post pictures soon.

Images of the fabric and pattern are below:

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  1. Why of course you can join too!!! I'll need your email address to sign you up! Email me at fayedoll(dot)cox(dot)com and I'll put you right in. Just respond to the invite email that you will be getting and them you will be officially in.