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Brown skirt is a BUST! But there is HOPE...!

That's right...the skirt is a bust! I just couldn't work out the alterations for a smooth looking finished product. I was, however, able to make good use of the jacket that had already been cut out. I made some major FBA changes to the pattern. I went ahead and constructed the jacket just to see how the alterations looked. In short, the brown fabric became a sort of "muslin test." It fit beautifully! To actually construct the brown one, I'd have to deconstruct, interface, reconstruct and add lining. You get the picture.... At any rate, I look forward to trying the garment again with a basic fitted skirt. I'll need more practice on altering the Vogue skirt before I attempt it again. I still have my muslin for the skirt, so I'll do more work on it. I hate do-overs, but here's to MOVING FORWARD!!!