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V8543 revisited...AGAIN!!!

That's right...!  This is technically my 3rd time tackling Vogue 8543.  Despite that, I'm excited about the prospect of it.  I cut a new muslin and made more pattern adjustments.  By way of review, the first attempt resulted in a beautifully made suit FOR SOMEONE ELSE...because I didn't make the FBA.  So, I gave it to a friend.  The second attempt (a beautiful chocolate brown) met its death with the skirt--consequently, there are some major changes coming to the skirt pattern when I get to it.  This third attempt has been forged in the fires of lessons learned along the way.  Can you tell I really love the pattern--everything about it?!

Special note regarding the accessory:
The beautiful scarf that accents the suit was a gift from someone at church.  Pamela Gaylord was a member of our church and sister in Christ who went to be with the Lord on November 9, 2010.  Her husband wanted to honor her memory and impact on our church family, so he presented a few of her signature …