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Full Busted?...DVD Review

I spent this weekend viewing and reviewing Palmer/Pletsch' Full Busted: Sewing Clothes that Fit DVD. Marta Alto does a fantastic job teaching the techniques necessary for full bust alterations. It expands on the information provided in the Fit For Real People book published a few years ago. I am in the middle of re-altering the jacket pattern for V1042. The off-white jacket was a tad too snug for me. I may finish it anyway and wear it open, but I'll determine that at a later date.
Marta's techniques are easy to understand. The video includes tips on altering some of the more trendy styles: tops with a twist front and cut-on sleeves. She also demonstrates the alteration techniques on several different full busted women. She also provides instructions on making the updated "Y" alteration. I like it!!!