Saturday, July 31, 2010

Passing on the legacy of sewing....

I had a great day today!!! I spent half the day teaching a friend to sew her first skirt. She picked up a pattern and some muslin yesterday at lunch. I was impressed by uninhibited she was as she looked for her first pattern. She didn't focus on what she might be able to make; she simply chose what she wanted to wear!! The pattern was McCall 5817. I was committed to helping her get through whatever first project she chose. It was amazing to watch her enthusiasm as she learned to prepare the pattern, make basic alterations and cut out her first pattern pieces. She even sewed her first straight and curved seams with ease! I'm so excited for her.... We made it as far as completing her basic skirt test garment w/two kick pleats (except for the waistband). Within 15 minutes of leaving my house, she called back to thank me again for getting her started. She also mentioned that I shouldn't be surprised if she has a new sewing machine by tomorrow. I really enjoyed watching the budding seamstress find her sewing rhythm. Whoo hoo!!!

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