Monday, October 25, 2010

Moving on....

Well, I’ve started a new project…. My biggest challenge is overcoming my disappointment when a garment doesn’t progress as I’d like. I don’t mind “do-overs.” They just tend to zap some of my energy. I did, however, gain one valuable lesson from the brown suit attempt (Vogue 8543). The full bust alteration (FBA) I made to the jacket worked out well. The fit was beautiful. I will finish the jacket at some point and, perhaps, pair it with a print skirt for the spring. After the skirt went bust, I used a basting stitch to assemble the jacket just to check the fit—a sort of “pseudo-muslin.” It was great. It confirmed that I had a pretty good handle on the FBAs. I’ll be back soon with updates on my new project.

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