Monday, June 20, 2011

Dress #3 is underway...

I've begun work on M6069.  As usual, I had to make some alterations.  The fullness of the bodice and the knit fabric may not have needed my typical FBA, but I made it anyway.  I also adjusted the length in the bodice and the skirt.  I'm shorter waisted and, lately, I've noticed the pucker in the back of jackets and dresses I get when the bodice hasn't been shortened.  I also thought adding an inch or so would be more flattering on my legs.  I prefer dresses to hit me right at the knee.  I love the fabric and would hate to end up with a "do over" for something so simple.

I found the fabric at Joann's and fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. The hand of the fabric is great.  It sews very well.  This is only my third time working with a knit and the experience has been good.
 I love the draping in the front bodice.  As you can see, it also drapes in the back, but I hope it doesn't drop too far.  The band across the top back bodice is a nice touch, but I don't like the way it attaches.  I may have to do a "minor mod" prior to completing the dress.

It's a "1-hour" dress, but, of course, with alterations and other issues, I'm taking a bit longer.  I really love the look of the pattern.  I'm not a huge fan of elastic waistlines (perhaps because I sometimes have trouble finding mine :-)), but I'll add an accent belt when I wear it.  Moving forward....


  1. I've never managed to make anything in one hour lol! Your dress looks like it's coming along beautifully - I love the fabric, the colours are so lovely!

  2. Cute fabric!!!!! One hour patterns are usually 4+ hours for me lol!!

  3. Beautiful fabric. This is a comfort stylish dress that you will certainly enjoy.

  4. I,too, love the fabric! I have just pulled a pattern out very similar to this one~ M6282.
    I'm trying hard not to start on anything else, I still have at least 2 UFOs that I need to finish. :)

  5. I made that dress. I like it but 2 cowls is too much for me.