Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making progress...Butterick 3918

The details are progressing nicely.  The alterations determined from the test garment seem to be successful.  I'm preparing to cut the lining and attach it this weekend.  After many "do overs" of other garments, I've opted to save the cutting of the lining and the skirt/pant until after I've made sufficient progress on the jacket.  These are the angle details on the back of the jacket.  The front looks great as well, but didn't photograph well. More later....


  1. This IS progresing nicely! I love that fabric too! Looks like this jacket has some very nice details that you are executing quite nicely!

  2. Coming along well and the color is awesome! :)

  3. In a bind. I'm sewing up this suit today to wear to my son's wedding on Friday. (I leave tomorrow a.m.) I have lost pages 3 and 4 of the pattern guide. Could you possibly do me a favor and scan and email me those pages. I would love to return the favor in any way or pay you for your time. Thank you so much. --Charlene