Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Muslin for New Look 6070

Created the muslin for NL 6070 today.  Love the pattern....  The cut of the bodice is need for FBA.  This is my first New Look pattern and it might be a keeper!

These are the fabrics for the project....

This is the muslin for the dress.  The fit is pretty good.  The details for the dress are simple, so I'm excited about the prints I'll be using.  I'm not a fan of dresses with "no side seam" waistbands.  Of course, I haven't made that many dresses, but I know I don't think I'm a fan of that detail.  But the fit is nice on this dress.  The only sketchy area was the hips.  I don't know why pattern drafters insist on drafting hips that "jut out 2 inches" once you're 4" below the waist.  I wanna meet that woman because she needs to stop modeling for the drafts... :)


  1. Looking forward to your 6070, I have that pattern and may just have to muslin it. I always wonder about the hip issue too, especially being that I have very narrow hips. When sewing skirts also, I have to remove at least 2" from that area.

  2. Such a cute dress. I should look at NL patterns more often. Gorgeous fabric too! Can't wait to see the dress!