Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making progress...Vogue 8750

The skirt (Vogue 8750) has come along nicely. I love the details in the pattern. The moleskin has been easy to work with. It doesn't, however, respond well to topstitching. I had planned to make two skirts, but I think I'll use another pattern for the next skirt.

I love the details on the pattern!

I don't think the moleskin handles topstitching that well.  I couldn't seem to avoid the ripples.

I've never had a two opposing seam details come together so precisely before.  

I love invisible zippers

This is a side view of the skirt on the dress form.  I'll add more pics once I complete the top.  


  1. Can't wait until it's finished. That is going to be so beautiful. In fact, it already is.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished skirt. I love invisible zippers, too. Once I learned how to insert them, I never went back. In fact, I should probably sell my regular zippers!

    1. Thanks Lynn, that's a good idea. I now have a drawer full, and I won't use them if I can avoid it.

  3. So pretty. Gorgeous work. Can't wait to see it completed.