Monday, March 11, 2013

What I've been doing for 4 weeks...

I was helping "The Fearless Seamstress" create a dream wedding gown for the reaffirmation of her vows with her husband.  She refused to buy a pattern to create the dress.  She was inspired by a designer gown she had seen elsewhere....  She's pretty amazing in her fearlessness!  She has given me permission to share a few pics here.  We created a muslin pattern based on her measurements and vision.  I blog more about my insights from the journey on my other blog, "A Victorious View."  

We created the pleated yoke for the front and back.  She embellished the lace insert with Swarovski crystals to match the purchased appliqué at center front.  


  1. I just skipped over to your other blog... Wow! I always love hearing God getting the glory out of what is done in the lives of others... thanks for sharing.. I do not tweet so that is why I came back here to post. Last year this time I was making my cousin's wedding gown.(I started with a pattern but ended up making changes to have it look more like a dress we say in David's Bridal). So I know how God enables us to do things that we could never do under our own power. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Dawn...thanks for taking the time to "skip over." Your comments are an encouragement to me! Blessings, Vita

  2. How wonderful it is that the two of you were able to work this out together. You all did a fantastic job and she looks beautiful. Well done!