Thursday, October 16, 2014


Sew...over the past few months, I've been updated and reconfiguring my blog spaces. As a result, many of my images fell through the cracks. I will reconnect them as I get time. I am still on the planet and have been sewing.  I hope to post new images soon!

Enjoy the therapy! Vita


  1. so there you are! lol! I think my whole computer is falling through the cracks so I feel your stress lol! Is there a 2015 challenge? I never could get the link to work, maybe it's one of your kinks your working on? lol! Happy sewing!

    1. Hi Helen, so good to hear from you! Yes, there will be a 2015 challenge. I'm am working on the details now. Thanks for the encouragement....I saw your post about missing it and I have too. You're a blessing...look for updates in the next few weeks! Vita