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Making progress...Butterick 3918

The details are progressing nicely.  The alterations determined from the test garment seem to be successful.  I'm preparing to cut the lining and attach it this weekend.  After many "do overs" of other garments, I've opted to save the cutting of the lining and the skirt/pant until after I've made sufficient progress on the jacket.  These are the angle details on the back of the jacket.  The front looks great as well, but didn't photograph well. More later....

Butterick 3918 ...Test garment

I thought it best to make a test garment for the jacket.  The Palmer/Pletsch DVDs teach the pin-fitting method, but I opted for the muslin this time.  That was a good idea because I've dropped a dress size since my last jacket.  It was quite a bit too big, but the FBA turned out well.  I hope it translates well to the fashion fabric.

Shifting gears...Butterick 3918

I love this pattern!  It has been in my stash for a few years now....  I continued to put it on the back burner because I wasn't sure how the details in the jacket would translate after the FBA.  Thanks to Palmer/Pletsch DVDs, I continue to grow in my confidence in making the alteration.

The fabric suggestion is for a shantung; however, I selected a "blue red" gabardine-like polyester twill weave(???...I may be making this up--I don't know what it is ;-).  Anyway, I love the fabric.  It's darker than the pic indicates...almost a rich crimson or burgundy--great for the fall season.  

Dress #5 Complete...not my favorite

So the dress is complete, but I don't love it....  It is, however, a great pattern. I'm just not sure I selected the right fabric for the dress.  I loved the floral print on the bolt, but it reads differently in the dress.  My husband saw so many flowers coming at him that he suggested I accent it with green shoes to complete the whole "floral bouquet look."  LOL!!! (trust me, it was hilarious in the moment as I asked for real feedback on the right shoe to wear...:-).  I actually wore it to a friend's wedding and it seemed appropriate for the occasion.  My formal review is below.  Again, great pattern...,'m not sure I'll pass this way again....

Pattern Description: 
Simplicity's Amazing Fit Collection--one piece dress with waistline seam. Has optional sleeves and necklines, too.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
For the most part, yes. I'm not sure the cut of the dress is…

September is National Sewing Month!

Thanks to Robin over at A Little Sewing for the cool article about September as National Sewing Month.

Dress #5 is underway....

I spent the evening prepping and cutting out Simplicity 2648.  I decided to use the pink/fuchsia/white floral print.  I plan to have it completed by the weekend.  The fabric is a linen blend.

And...uh...only 2 more days to SEASON 9 of Project Runway

Dress #4 Complete....

I love this dress!  I completed it with no issues.  The pattern includes alternate pieces for different cup sizes.  This is the finished dress with extra pics of the fabric and the next fabric on the cutting room table.

Pattern Description: Fitted dress w/princess seams and purchased belt
Pattern Sizing: 16 (I cut the pattern pieces for a D cup)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes!  I was very pleased about that!
Were the instructions easy to follow? They were easy to follow and the details at the neck and armhole were easy as well.  
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love the finishing at the neckline and the front opening.  Bias strips were used to finish the neck and armhole.  It was a very nice touch to the finished garment.
Fabric Used: I used a linen blend, floral print.  I was a bit worried once I cut it out that the flowers might be too much, but I'm pleased with the final product.
Pattern alter…

Dress #4 on the cutting room table....

Butterick 5638 is on tap....  I'm shooting to complete it by this weekend.  I have two linen-like prints for the dress.  If the first goes well, I'll whip it up again in the second print.  The pattern includes alternate pieces for C and D bra cup sizes.  I think that's FABULOUS--whoo hoo!!!  I hate making the FBA.  So far, Dress #1 has been my favorite.  Dress #3 is almost complete. I still need to finish the hems at the bottom and armholes.  I enjoy working with the knits, but I'm still finding my rhythm regarding alterations and some of the finishings. I made the FBA on all of the knits so far, but it seems I may not need to do that.  I have Vogue 1250 on the to-do list....  I won't be making the FBA for that one.  I'll post pics of the fabrics and finished garments soon!

Dress #3 is underway...

I've begun work on M6069.  As usual, I had to make some alterations.  The fullness of the bodice and the knit fabric may not have needed my typical FBA, but I made it anyway.  I also adjusted the length in the bodice and the skirt.  I'm shorter waisted and, lately, I've noticed the pucker in the back of jackets and dresses I get when the bodice hasn't been shortened.  I also thought adding an inch or so would be more flattering on my legs.  I prefer dresses to hit me right at the knee.  I love the fabric and would hate to end up with a "do over" for something so simple.

I found the fabric at Joann's and fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. The hand of the fabric is great.  It sews very well.  This is only my third time working with a knit and the experience has been good.
 I love the draping in the front bodice.  As you can see, it also drapes in the back, but I hope it doesn't drop too far.  The band across the top back bodice is a nice tou…

Black Dress Finished (M5752)....

So, this is the black dress. I'm don't love it as much as the "multi-color print." Twice is enough for this one. I have quite a few knits for more dresses over the next few months. I at least wanted to post the results. Forgive the safety pin closure at the front--I didn't have a camisole on and I was looking a little!! I may post again later this week. I have a one hour dress from McCall I want to attempt for Mother's Day!!

Began working on M5752 in black...

Okay I took the cheap way out.... I mean cheap in terms of effort. I tend to be a bit anal about serger threads matching the garment as closely as possible. So, I decided I could use a black knit dress, since I have black thread on the serger from the multi-color print. Besides, who can't use another little black in her closet...and this would be another first for me--I've never made a black dress.

Pondering the next challenge….

The print dress was a positive experience. I am wondering what challenge to take on next. I have considered making the same dress in a spring solid or print for Easter. I also thought of going back to Vogue 1042 as a pastel suit. I will do some cutting out this weekend.

The 12-Dress Project, Dress #1 (M5752)

So here is the finished product.... It took a week (that's actually good for me). I took my time because I was learning to manage the hand of the fabric at the same time. I like the finished product--I fell in love with the print the moment I saw it. I'm not sure the print was flattering for my thicker waistline, but I'm sure I'll wear it again anyway. I have another white and black knit in mind for the same dress. I may do that next or save it for down the road. My goal is to complete 12 dresses by the end of December. I'm already behind, but at least I've purchased most of the fabrics and patterns. Spring and summer will fuel my enthusiasm about making dresses as well. More to come....

My Friday night cut out... Friday night sew-in was more like a Friday night "cut out," but I was thrilled anyway. I didn't get any sewing done on Friday night. Instead, I was able to cut out McCall's 5752...finally. There were a few hurdles to overcome. The first was in my own head. I'm not a fan of sewing knits...never have been. However, I love the feel and look of a well-sewn knit. I love the pattern and thought even I could pull it off. I have been stockpiling fabrics for my long overdue "12-Dress Project." My goal is to make 12 dresses by the year's end. I haven't made a dress in over 10 years. I love suitings, slacks, and skirts--the hand of the fabrics is weightier andfabulous. The "12-Dress Project" is my attempt to overcome anxiety about slinkier fabrics and dresses in general. The second hurdle was the infamous "FBA." You know I hate it, but I grow more confident with each project. This time, Palmer/Plestch made it a li…

Friday Night Sew-in coming...

This is my first time committing to participate. Heidi and her friend Bobbi host this virtual event to encourage us to make time for what we enjoy. The next one is planned for March 18th. I plan to prep this weekend; I will be ready to focus on sewing next Friday! Whoo hoo!!

Full Busted?...DVD Review

I spent this weekend viewing and reviewing Palmer/Pletsch' Full Busted: Sewing Clothes that Fit DVD. Marta Alto does a fantastic job teaching the techniques necessary for full bust alterations. It expands on the information provided in the Fit For Real People book published a few years ago. I am in the middle of re-altering the jacket pattern for V1042. The off-white jacket was a tad too snug for me. I may finish it anyway and wear it open, but I'll determine that at a later date.
Marta's techniques are easy to understand. The video includes tips on altering some of the more trendy styles: tops with a twist front and cut-on sleeves. She also demonstrates the alteration techniques on several different full busted women. She also provides instructions on making the updated "Y" alteration. I like it!!!